Cosmic Goo!

Ponder this… if something is twisted but perceived as straight, wouldn’t it feel like it’s being twisted if you try to straighten it?

I know I know, I have a tendency to make those thinking gears whine and squeal haha

The variable is perception.
Like.. is the glass half empty or full… or neither because the glass is always 100% full of something.

In other words.. there’s no such thing as nothing, everything is made of something including what has been called “outer space”.

The entire universe is “something” and it’s ALL “atomically” connected. Pooof!!

The universe is nothing but a temporary, divinely projected, molecular hologram of endless cosmic goo, fueled and maintained by a dualistic force that you can not see with your eyes but is about to be eternally separated!

But it could just be the twisted precept of a whacka’doodle? But I don’t think so. 😉

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