Spiritual Growth?


One is either regenerated, transformed, “Born Again” and living in, dwelling in, the supernatural living presence of the Living God and actually, continually ACKNOWLEDGES IT… Or Is Not and Does Not.

Having your heart transformed from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh IS NOT a lifelong process. It’s a process that actually occurs rather rapidly, for some even overnight in a dream or a vision.

Being Born Again is NOT about spending your entire life, raking the bible with a fine tooth comb, over and over, trying to understand it. It’s about having the Lord God himself who inspired the men that wrote the bible about the manifold wisdom of HIMSELF (((INSIDE YOU))). Therefore, giving you the understanding of it LIVE and on demand. To the point you don’t even need to look at it as you become schooled by the author himself, from within.

And let me tell you (Testify), when you are born again and do continually dwell in the presence of the living God, your popularity goes next to zero while your understanding, wisdom, courage, faith, and inner peace becomes literally out of this world.

When one is actually born again and continually dwells in the presence of the living God they become so alienated and uncomfortable in the abundant world of worldliness and lusts of the flesh that they can no longer fit in with the crowd. They can see beyond the realm of sight, hear beyond the realm of hearing and understand beyond the “normal” realm of understanding. And the very testimony of their state of being is what makes them an outcast to the demonically indoctrinated world that thinks they got it all figured out. But in truth, are oblivious to the abundant power of God and his will for ALL mankind. In constant pursuit of prosperity, popularity and material wealth. Believing the way to get there is to be kind and tolerant of evil and the will of satan. Lets all just get along, under the banner of Love, in the name of Jesus. NEVER about making righteous judgment, rebuking, warning and standing against the will of satan and his lies. Because THAT, is what truly separates the tares from the wheat.

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