The Word is Alive!

The word of God is ALIVE!
The word of God always was and always will be!
The word of God was before there was paper to print on!
The word of God is his LIVE LIVING VOICE! (Not the bible)
The bible is nothing but,

It is documentation of God PERSONALLY Speaking to man Through man!
I hope you are listening man to man?

Those who have truly repented, sacrificed their life and forsake ALL things are Born Again by the very manifestation of the spirit of God, the spirit that was in Jesus, AKA The Christ within SELF!
DO YOU KNOW HIM? His sheep know his VOICE and follow him….  not any person, pastor, preacher, teacher or BOOK!

The “Rapture” comes at the end.
The day you die is your rapture date.
Those who endure the persecution and the destruction of earth and everything on it…  WILL be “Spiritually” Saved from an eternity in hell, on Judgment Day.

NOBODY is “Saved” YET!
NOBODY is going to be left behind!
Every flesh and bone body is going to return to dust!
Sooner than the masses comprehend or believe!
The Vengeance of God and the destruction of earth IS the {{{HARVEST}}} Of Souls! It IS either redemption or condemnation! He is pouring out his judgment right now, it is only going to increase in magnitude and frequency until the final day when those who have “already” died in Christ RISE UP, then those who are still living and remain!

EVERYBODY is appointed to the first death of the flesh!
No flesh will inherit the kingdom of God!

Judgment day is the day the gates of heaven and hell are flung open! Good and Evil, God and his angels,  Satan and his imps are eternally separated! It is the day all LIFE on earth ceases to animate!

The current world of evangelism is following nothing but man made, lust of the flesh, worldly prosperity and self preservation doctrine!

“I never knew you” is synonymous with “You never knew him”!

God wants to speak with you personally, LIVE and ON Demand!

The Gospel SHOULD be telling you that but it doesn’t because you, like the masses have been demonically indoctrinated by the teaching of Gods word being text in a book, NOT His LIVE Voice that truly Born Again Christians actually acknowledge from within, follow and testify OF.

2 thoughts on “The Word is Alive!”

  1. I respect and pray to the Lord for spiritual guidance. Please acknowledge the hate in our country and return to normal, prior to Covid 19 pandemic.
    Our new President wants unity but eliminates a job that fire 10,000 people and families.
    We cannot have unity without your Words. Please?

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