Why so few enter the kingdom of God

Revelation 12:9
King James Version
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

So few enter the kingdom of God because the spirit of antichrist (aka the devil) has ALREADY deceived the whole world, most predominantly via THE Church!

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching the word of God is the bible when it IS NOT. The word of God is his LIve, Living Voice that is manifest within and acknowledged by those who have truly, passionately repented and pursued God and his righteousness and have been “Reborn”.

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching Jesus forgives all sin, past present and future. Denying the power of God to transform sinners into saints. Denying that it is an impossibility for a born again follower of The Christ to commit sin. Teaching that because you said a prayer one time, go to church, pay your tithes and pray to a God somewhere out there in the universe, that you are “Saved” and going to heaven.

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that following Christ means being tolerant of sin and that bringing it to the surface and exposing it is judgmental and not Christ like. In denial that the true Love of God has NOTHING to do with being tolerant and accepting of rebellion against the living God and everything to do with rebuking sin, standing against it, warning the sinner and walking away from those who relentlessly refuse to be convicted and repent.

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that “The Church” is a building with walls and that we must congregate there, listen to and follow what one man (or woman these days) professes to be what God says in the bible and you are not allowed to confront them or question ANYTHING they say. In denial that “The Church”, “The Voice of God” and “The Kingdom of God” are ALL “WITHIN” Truly born again followers of “The Christ”! They actually acknowledge The kingdom of God and his voice, are lead by it and taught by it.. NOT MAN.

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that they have the power to save by having you come forward and say a prayer. In denial that NOBODY, is “Saved” Yet! In denial that salvation comes at The END, Aka Judgment Day, when the gates of Heaven and Hell are flung open and ALL will Stand “Spiritually” before the Judge in the Great White throne. Where many who THINK they are going to Heaven will hear the words “Depart from me, I never knew you, you worker of lawlessness” and be cast into the lake of fire!

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that they are NOT going to have to endure any of The great tribulation. That they are going to be miraculously extracted from earth, in the flesh and avoid Gods’ wrath on earth and its destruction. Then return in the flesh after God has restored the earth. In denial and oblivious to the reality that God is not going to save their flesh, that all flesh will experience the first death. That no flesh will enter the kingdom of God. That the kingdom of God is NOT of this world. That the destruction of earth and the cessation of all life animation on it is The Harvest of Souls. It is either redemption or condemnation of ones soul. It is THE END of Time, PERIOD! Nobody is going to be “Left Behind”, Every soul is going to one place or the other. SOONER than the flesh wants to admit or acknowledges.

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that you can have your best life now. That God will give you all the worldly possessions you desire and make you comfortable and happy if you support the church and give them a healthy portion of what you worked hard for to survive in a world where everything costs a fortune. In denial that God will give you the means to sustain you by default and he doesn’t want or need anything from you except faithful obedience to him. That does occasionally include the sacrifice of something you have that someone else needs. Be it money or material possession, God will directly dictate what and when is necessary. HE IS THE CHURCH!

The Church has been deceived, has taught and is teaching that God created the universe, the earth, put life on it and created man in a literal 144 hrs. In denial the bible actually tells you one day is the same as 1000 years, That creation took generations. That all life came from the sea, kind after kind after kind. It tells is that we are BEASTS! The bible tells you DARWIN Was RIGHT, he just failed to recognize WHO’s power, powered the creation.

The Church has been deceived and is deceptively leading the masses on the braud road of destruction. There is not a Church organization on this planet that is actually teaching the Truth of the Living God, His Will for all mankind and what that looks like and feels like. Your walk with God, if you actually walk with him will NOT Be what the Church and the world tells you it looks like. You will be tormented because you can see right through the matrix of demonic lies. You will be hated, persecuted and possibly executed because of your testimony of Truth that the devil DOES NOT want the world to know and will inevitably shove it under the carpet and pretend he didn’t see it.

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