Past the point!

We are past the point of kindness and tolerance being effective with the advancement of the kingdom of God. Being kind and tolerant with rebellion against the living God is NOT going to make this world a better place. We are at the point in history where IT IS TOO LATE to save the world. In fact, saving the world and making it a better place was never the agenda to begin with. This world has been doomed from the beginning. God did not create this world to last forever. He created it to give us a temporary moment in time to come to our senses and CHOOSE HIM over his adversary. Obviously the standard of “let’s all just get along, don’t be offensive to anybody and be comfortable with evil in the world IS OVER”!

NOW IS THE TIME For making righteous judgment! Standing against the will of Satan. Exposing his lies that have ultimately caused the masses of souls in the world to be completely blind and ignorant of the spiritual realm and the ONGOING WAR within it!

I’m sorry, but my God is not the stay puff marshmallow man that wouldn’t hurt a fly and is there to be a comfort to all those who choose to deny and ignore his authority and rule over ALL of creation!

The Spirit of God is rising up and his final judgment is being poured out literally as I speak. And if anybody can’t see that and actually discern the TIMES we are in? YOU HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN YOU ARE AWARE OF!

I’m not here to make you happy and feel good. I’m here to testify of the Truth! And if the truth I am testifying to does not line up with your precept of truth and make you feel Good and Happy?

GOOD! It is not intended to!

This is NOT a time to be happy and comfortable. This is the time you should be tormented day and night because you KNOW what’s about to go down. You know what is coming for YOU and more importantly what is coming for a much greater number of souls. And YOU KNOW there is NOTHING you can do but STAND UP AND SHOUT!! Jesus, the Christ, is coming!!! Sooner than the masses realize or are willing to admit and he IS NOT HAPPY! He IS NOT Coming back as a lamb, He is returning as a LION!!!! He is coming to redeem HIS servants and Condemn ALL Who have NOT been Reborn and faithfully submit to HIS WILL!

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