The world is duped beyond comprehension!

Evolution is the creation, our ancestors were beasts. the earth is not billions of years old, it took 6000 years to create the earth, put life on it and create man.

Adam and Eve were the first “Human” species with a free willed intellect, not pre programmed animal “Instinct”.

God does not create evil, it has always existed. What he has done is expose it with LIGHT and soon will eternally separate it from him and his righteousness.

There is no “Secret” rapture where professing Christians with their flesh bodies just vanish into thin air “before” hell breaks loose on earth. The day you die is your “Rapture” date. Only God knows the day or the hour. If it occurs before judgment day? Your soul will sleep until then. But it will seem like an instant that you find yourself standing at the throne of judgment. Even though a period of time may have past.

The day “The Christ” Returns for HIS sheep, to redeem their Souls into his kingdom is the day ALL Life on earth ceases to animate.. It is the day those souls who have died in Christ already will rise up first, the living will whiteness it. Then the remaining souls will leave the body (DIE in the flesh) and we all will meet him (Spiritually) in the clouds of heaven, not the clouds of earth. The Bible tells us EXACTLY when that is. It is when the sun and the moon quit giving light, the day all the grass and the trees are burned up. The Great and terrible day of the lord is the day ALL flesh returns to dust. IT IS NO SECRET!

Nobody is “Saved”… “Yet”! Salvation comes at the end. Salvation is (Spiritually) being Saved from an eternity in hell fire. NOT Having your best life now.

The Harvest is The end of the world, where the wheat is separated from the tares. The reapers are the Angels.

Judgment day, is the Great and terrible day of the lord and it is closer than the masses are willing to admit and are incapable of acknowledging. Because they are so consumed with the devils lies, the world and the flesh, the lord having turned their hearts to stone, made them reprobates.

IT IS a virtual Zombie Apocalypse, Utterly, Spiritually, DEAF, DUMB and BLIND!

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